Industrial and Residential Automation

Since 2008, B.M.S Automation offers complete, professional and reliable solutions as well as support and maintainance. The company's activity in implemented automation systems has served domains such as: warehouses, industrial buildings, commercial retailers and petrochimy.

Professional Services

Our automation services represent complete solutions starting with the system design process and continuing with the necessary equipment selection. The job is finished once the hardware programming is complete and the instalation is fully functional. Also, our team will assure the proper staff training for the people that will be using the instalation.

Electricity and Automation

Automation represents the process of production optimization obtained using machines and control systems. Proper automation systems have to increase productivity and quality reducing the number of humans and resources involved in production.

Networks (Voice, Data)

A network consists of a collection of computers or other connected hardware equipment. The purpose of any network is the resource and/or information sharing.


Water purity is the main goal of the wastewater treatment organizations. The SCADA systems assures centralized monitorization, control of the reporting system making the wastewater treatment process more efficient and transparent.

"Control Access" Systems

Automated monitoring systems assures real time surveillence for different types of objectives. The systems utility is growing daily and we can see it implemented in many industrial and non-industrial areas.